The new CIRCULAR identity

“We’re enthusiastic about our new visual identity and how we communicate sustainability matters to an evermore engaged audience to ensure impact and understanding. We also hope it portrays professionalism, which we strive for in all our services,” says Bjarni Herrera, CEO of CIRCULAR.

The following visual elements have been integrated into our consulting approach, which help bring our simplistic and unique perspective to project deliverables. We also hope that it will increase the value we create for our customers and help them stand out in a busy world.

  • Typography: to maximise digital presence

  • Adobe Garamond Pro, a serif typeface, is used for our logo, lively and courageous

  • We also use Roboto as supplementary fonts and Verdana for readability of blog posts

  • Colour palette: cutting through the visual noise and bring clarity

  • We are deep blue against a clean white background for high-contrast

  • Electric blue and cyan as supplementary colours

  • Data visualisation: contrast and clarity in infographic design

  • Essential to sharing insights and inspire action

  • Our identity: CIRCULAR Bonds

  • Our customer's identity: VÍS insurance company (in Icelandic)

Credits: DuoDot., logo designer.

CIRCULAR Solutions is a Nordic sustainability consulting firm offering services related to sustainability strategies, impact reporting, green bonds, sustainable finance, value-chain analysis, LCA, and circular economy. Get to know our service offering.