Case: The sustainability of the North-Atlantic cod

Niceland seafood is an innovative fish exporting company that delivers a fully traceable fish from Iceland to the United States. Niceland has a strong sustainability case, and innovative ways to address their sustainability issues and approach. It is “the first turn-key provider of fresh Icelandic fish to offer full traceability from sea to pan.”

Images: Niceland Seafood

In this custom project engagement, we at Circular were tasked to study the sustainability aspect of the North-Atlantic cod. We helped in approaching relevant scientific material to visualize and document how sustainability plays a massive role in the fishing sector and within certain economies. Our team examined various data points, such as environmental factors, but also other elements such as stock size development, and gender inequality.

The output of this research was used by Niceland Seafood to create a beautiful infographic with engaging and beautiful storytelling. The purpose of the infographic was to educate its stakeholders and end-consumers, build better relationships, and to win new business.

The full research article and the infographic can be found here:

This collaborative work is a representation of the numerous ways in which Circular can be engaged to create value for its customers through sustainability. We are happy to help you identify, formulate, and visualize your sustainability challenges and/or ideas, for any industry and sector.

Image: Niceland Seafood